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Mice are common pests that can cause problems for homeowners and business owners, but how much do you know about them? While they can be a nuisance by contaminating food, spreading germs and gnawing on wood and other surfaces, there are some interesting facts about these rodents.

Fact: Mice Can Get Through Extremely Small Gaps
Mice can squeeze their way through gaps and holes that are the size of a dime. This makes it easy for them to find their way into buildings, where they can then build nests and scrounge around for food and water. Homeowners and business owners can help keep them out by checking for even the tiniest entry points and sealing them up.

Fact: Mice Use Urine to Mark Their Territory
Male mice mark their territory frequently with urine. This includes marking areas where other male mice have already left urine behind to mark their territory. Mouse urine can be a health hazard for people since it contains proteins that could lead to asthma attacks or allergic reactions.

Fact: Individual Mice Can Produce More Than 100 Offspring 
One of the biggest problems with a mouse infestation in a home or business is that these rodents are able to build large populations in one area in a short amount of time. Female mice can produce more than 100 babies per year, which can easily turn a small infestation into one that is much harder to deal with.

Fact: A Mouse’s Teeth Never Stop Growing
Mice have teeth that never stop growing, which is why they frequently chew or gnaw on different materials and items. In fact, their teeth would end up growing at least a few inches every year if they didn't file them down by gnawing. This constant chewing can be dangerous or destructive, especially if mice chew on electrical wires and create fire hazards. They can also chew through drywall and wood, resulting in structural damage.

Fact: Mice Have Poor Eyesight
Mice aren't able to see very well, but that doesn't stop them from being able to find food, water and shelter. As these pests travel around at night, they make use of their other senses instead of their sense of sight. The other senses these rodents have, including their sense of hearing and their sense of smell, make up for their poor eyesight.

Fact: Mice Have Hearing and Communication That Operates at High Frequencies

Mice have excellent hearing that surpasses ours. In fact, they are able to hear ultrasound that goes up to around 90kHz. Mice also communicate with other mice through the use of ultrasound.
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